From Musée Magazine:

Nancy Burson has been confusing and intriguing people with photography and mathematics for the last few decades. Her work was pioneered, predated and sometimes invented new ways for computers and humans to interact, and her technique is still employed by most police services to find missing persons. Her recent exhibition at ClampArt shows her works of composite faces, but, more interestingly, her new work. The new work, as she explains in the interview is again drawing on mathematics with a focus on graphs and grids. Nancy Burson puts the words “I love you” onto a grid which reads in a repeated sequence both horizontally and vertically. The idea sounds simple enough, so let’s prove it works.

View Nancy Burson’s exhibition, “Composites”
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Researching this woman for an art course and she is fucking boss because 

a) her art revolves around the human condition and how we all have to be accepting of ourselves and of others because we are all essentially the same.

b) her computer programs are still used today by police to create composites of missing people 

New idol for me, right here.